Orpheu de Jong




Born in 1982, lives and works in Amsterdam

Education: 2000 - 2005 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Solo exhibition
2006 Sun_SET, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam Group exhibitions
2003 Peepshow, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam 2005 The Story begins, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam 2005 Media Art Festival Friesland, Leeuwarden* 2005 Winterkou/Winterly cold, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam 2005 Room (with a view), viewing, Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium* 2006 Utilizing the Space, SOCO, Amsterdam* 2008 Cities and Objects, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem 2009 The Last Session, De Brakke Grond - Flemish Art Center, Amsterdam, curator Jan van Woensel 2010 The Ephemeral, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam Life video performances
2004 World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam* 2004 Amsterdam Fashion Week, Amsterdam* 2004 Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam* 2004 Motorola Live Visuals Award, Frankfurt, Germany* 2005 Transmediale Media Art Festival, Berlin, Germany* 2005 Unity Music Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa* Publications
2005 "Amsterdam Index 2006, a shortcut to creative Amsterdam", magazine, Bis Publishers* 2006 "Mark, Another Architecture. Volume 2", magazine, Mark Publishers* Awards
2004 Motorola Live Visuals Award, 2nd place, Frankfurt, Germany* 2005 Gerrit Rietveld Prize, Film/Video, Amsterdam * = in co-operation with NEWS: Orpheu de Jong and Marco Sterk are the co-founders of NEWS. NEWS is a design collective based in Amsterdam, working in a variety of fields including graphic design, interaction design and video design. VJ’ing turned out to be the medium where all their interests play an equal part in context and in technology. VJ’s NEWS has performed in different clubs and events, including the Worldwide Video Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and as resident VJ's at Club 11 in Amsterdam. NEWS has won the second prize in the Live Visuals Award in Frankfurt in 2004. In its performances NEWS tends to show a critical view on human behavior in media culture within a VJ narrative. Internet, information overloads, inflation of facts in the media and failing technology are some of the recurring subjects in its performances.