Kimball Gunnar Holth




In each studio there is a moment that an art piece is on the point of being finished. Once
the artist has decided that the work is done, the art piece has come into existence. The
tension between the work-in-progress (with the end in sight) and the final piece of art
is the starting point of the first solo exhibition of Australian artist Kimball Gunnar Holth.
With this attitude to suspend a final product Holth brings together a group of works that
is misleading and even confusing. The visual outcome arouses questions about the work,
but also about the influence of a white space of a gallery.

A video film named 'I really like what you're doing!!!!!' shows the artist in his studio,
clearly disputing with the work and with himself. Apparently a lot of things happen there
simultaneously. The film may be looked at as a documentary, but also as a film on its own,
and so as a finished artefact.

Kimball Gunnar Holth (1982) received his MFA at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, Netherlands. In 2015 he had a solo
exhibition at C3 / Contemporary Art Space in St. Abbotsford, Australia. Recently in 2016 he participated in Orbitfest, a winter
festival in Groningen.