Viktoria Kova





The Land of the I

This is the first solo exhibition of Viktoria Kova in Galerie van Gelder & Daughter. The impetus behind Kova's state of artistic mind, her works and actions is the striving for balance and harmony. Researching the impact of the five senses on perception, Kova empowers her videos and installations with the feel-good energy. Her works are ontologically designed to create an experience in alignment with an intuitive principle. She calls it Intuitive Ontological Art & Design.

Viktoria Kova is a multidisciplinary artist, creating her own reality with the media of video, sound, vibrations, space design and installation. For this occasion, she has transformed the gallery space Galerie van Gelder & Daughter into a room of deep experience that activates all senses and beyond through visuals, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Viktoria Kova (1970) being half Russian, half Ukrainian, was born in Vladivostok (USSR) and spent her early childhood in Germany. Back in Russia she graduated from the Russian State Institute of Culture, after which she moved to Amsterdam from where she performed around the world with a successful DJ-vocalist live-act.
Kova?s background, extensive traveling, and encounter of many cultures triggered her interest in perception issues directly connected to the environment, and inspired her to become a multidisciplinary video artist and reality shaper.

Pushing the boundaries between assumption, reality, and technology, Kova emerged in 2015 with her LAND of GOOD project, where she investigates a 'better world' phenomena. It's an ongoing transdisciplinary research on the possibility of creating the right circumstances for a prosperous, harmonious and sustainable society for everybody in our reality and beyond.