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issue 10 - 2014


DIEGO BIANCHI / Suspension de la Incredulidad - performance at Solo Projects ARCO

CARLOS IRIJALBA / Amalgama 2014 - The conquer of a virus and the scale of its battlefield.


Includes an edition for Special Cut Subscribers, i.e. a colour print 'Amalgam Multiple' (2014) of Carlos Irijalba.
edition 35

Editorial board:
Kees van Gelder
Iris van Gelder

The conquer of a virus and the scale of its battlefield.

Amalgam as the opaque ability of a substance to forget. Amalgam is to override, to overwrite. To disallow the past. As opaque in appearance as transparent in its lack of structure. This indecipherable material responds to a parasite hierarchy, ours. The one where a extreme close-up prevails over any possible angle.

As a sound, it would just be a collection of achoes. Plain reverberation where the original scource is disconnected and not again recognazible.

But lifeless stuff is also subject to dynamics. The one of entropy, acceleration and the complication that systems suffer by default. That exponential progression of time and space. The opaque character of amalgam generates a position free of connotations but also the ability of mediating between subjects. The healing of systems by enabling them to forget.

Accumulative memory to clear a linear sequence of events, to cover a territory or build a new one against time perspective.

Carlos Irijalba