ARTZIEN 1979 -1982

Artzien, 1978, Vol.1, No.1
stencil print, 10 pp., front cover is worn out on surface of magazine; altogether it looks fine for its age

Artzien, 1978, Vol.1, No.2
stencil print, 12 pp., lower part of cover is slightly worn out; altogether it looks fine for its age

Flyer designed by Michael Gibbs in 1980.

Artzien, 1979, Vol.1, No.9
offset, Interview with Al Hansen by Jan van Raay.

Artzien, 1979, Vol.2, No.2-3
Interview with Marina Abramovic by Michael Gibbs.

Artzien, 1980, Vol.2, No.6-7
Interview with Milan Knizak by Michael Gibbs, this issue came with 100 subscriber's copies containing a special artist's addition to cover photograph and to one of the artist's pages.

Artzien, 1980, Vol.2, No.8

Vol.2, No.9, Special supplement: Sound

Artzien, 1981, Vol.2, No.23-24

Artzien, 1981, Vol.3, No.1

inlay with announcement about exhibition of Bernhard J. Blume in Galerie 'A'

Artzien, 1981, Vol.3, No.25

inlay with translation of text by Kees van Gelder in Artzien about exhibition of Michael Gibbs in Galerie 'A'

Artzien, 1982, Vol.3, No.26

inlay with announcement by Galerie 'A'

Artzien, 1982, Vol.3, No.27

Interview with Lawrence Weiner by Michael Gibbs.
Artzien, 1982, Vil.3, No.28