14 oktober t/m 18 november 2006

Regarding facts

14 October - 22 November 2006

JCJ Vanderheyden
Joëlle Tuerlinckx
John M Armleder
John Tremblay
Kristjan Gudmundsson
Laboratorio Saccardi
Marijke van Warmerdam
Mathieu Mercier
Myne Søe-Pedersen
Nicolas Chardon
Olivier Mosset
Sylvie Fleury

Mathieu Mercier 2005
David Shrigley 2005

John M Armleder 2000

PERSBERICHT (for English text see below)


'Regarding facts' is a show about artists who make use of 'objets trouvés' (found objects) and 'idées trouvés' (found ideas),
which are in a recognisable way integrated or used as a base for a work. In most cases it is concrete found altered object, of
which Marcel Duchamp might have said that is concerns not just "un tout-fait", but "un objet trouvé simplement assisté", so to
say, if he stiil would have been alive. In other cases the exhibition is about is about fundamental ideas one lives with during
already millennia, like a horizon, a house or even mimicry. The young Italian artists group Laboratorio Saccardi will show a
Dutch supermarket shopping bag of Albert Heijn from which a painting pops out saying 'Albert Heijn it sucks brain'. A work which
could fit in the first category. Sylvie Fleury's work 'Formula One dress' (1999) could belong to the idea of mimicry, the second
catogory, when she is imagining herself to be like Mika Häkkinen. Nicolas Chardon paints square targets and geometrical
constructions and simultaneously follows the lines of stretched and distorted printed fabrics. In short, the world is taken for what it is, although changed by the artist with a small twist while regarding the facts and given notions around us.

David Shrigley

Mathieu Mercier

John M Armleder

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